Eyal Speaks Out On The Samira Rumours

Eyal Speaks Out On The Samira Rumours
Caitlín Griffin
Caitlín Griffin

7 Sep 2018

Eyal posted a cheeky pic on Instagram that sent fans into a frenzy:

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Recoupled with Bae @samiramighty // #thehousewithaclockinitswalls

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Everyone assumed the two had 'recoupled' shortly after Samira's split with islander Frankie...
But turns out they are just friends!
Responding to comments on the instagram post, Eyal told everyone to "relax":

“My post yesterday with Samira was a joke… haha. Samira’s a very good friend of mine, we’re not dating. Relax yourselves.

"We’re good friends guys it was a joke @samiramighty."

Turns out, boys and girls can just be friends! Even islanders!