Anna Faris's Upcoming Book To Reveal Details Of Their Relationship

Anna Faris's Upcoming Book To Reveal Details Of Their Relationship
 Nelius Stackpoole
Nelius Stackpoole

8 Aug 2017

As the world is still going through a breakdown after the announcement of Chris Pratt and Anna Faris's divorce Entertainments Weekly have shared some excerpts from her book that is going to be released on October 26th.

The book includes a now heart breaking intro from her to be ex husband: 

"She is fierce and very loyal, she rarely punishes people. But when she does, it’s powerful and terrifying, and when it’s over, it’s really over. (Power and terror are acceptable in a partner but absolutely necessary in a mother, as far as I’m concerned). And she does mother very well, both our son, Jack, and me, when needed."

The way she speaks about her husband it's difficult to understand why they are separating:

"When I met Chris, the most striking thing about him was that he knew how to be happy. When I looked back at my marriage, and many of my relationships before it, I realized I had always equated cynicism, discontent, and anger with intelligence, and getting together with Chris made me reexamine that.

It made me realize that being with someone who was well-liked and popular actually made me happy."

Their is a chapter in the book dedicated to all the nice gestures Pratt does for Faris and we cannot deal! 

"including braiding her hair, writing poems and letters by hand from international locations, sending flowers to the set of Mom every Friday before the show tapes, and giving her thoughtful, and unexpected gifts."

Check out Anna's statement accounting the news: