National Pizza Day: 7 Alternative Recipes You NEED

National Pizza Day: 7 Alternative Recipes You NEED
Laura Bracken
Laura Bracken

9 Feb 2017

Some call it a regular Thursday. Those people are pizza haters. Others call it National Pizza Day! 

This day is dedicated solely to the incredible invention by those intelligent Italians, who gifted us with the delectable worldwide favourite meal. 

To celebrate the day, we've taken a look at the evolution of the pizza. It's not just your regular cheese based ones anymore. There's sweet and savoury. 

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Here's some ideas for you to sample to celebrate the day. Try and refrain from dribbling.. It'll be impossible! 

1. Nutella Pizza 

Nutella is great, so is pizza. Some genius decided that what the world needs is to combine the two and it couldn't possibly be wrong. How right they were. 


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2. Cauliflower Base Pizza 

If you're looking for a healthy alternative to pizza, you could always make your base with cauliflower. It doesn't fill you up as much as a dough base pizza, meaning you can eat double the amount. WIN! 

3. Pizookie (pizza cookie) 

Yes, you read that right. It's a pizza that's made of cookie. And it's the dream. Get the recipe from Chelsea's Messy Apron . 

4. Pull Apart Pizza Bread

This recipe is great if you're having your mates around. It's the perfect starter before, you know, indulge in more pizza for main and a pizookie for dessert! Tasty always nail it.

5. Pizza Sandwich 

This one could be more of a lunch pizza. Fill it with cheese and how many fillings you like. (Just beware if you choose pineapple as a filling, you leave yourself open to judgement.) 

6. Taco Pizza

If you're one of those that loves beef on chicken, this one is for you. 

7.Pizza Bowl 

Now that the Super Bowl has happened, it's time the world gives us another super bowl. Saving the best until last, we present you - the pizza bowl. It just couldn't possibly go wrong.