Guess The SPIN South West Secret Sound

Guess The SPIN South West Secret Sound
 Nelius Stackpoole
Nelius Stackpoole

14 Nov 2017

BIG news, we're adding €50 every day the Secret Sound isn't guessed! 

Tune into Fully Charged weekday mornings with Ed & Meghann from 6:45 for your chance to win the cash!

Check out some of the incorrect guesses!

  • Ice dispenser
  • Ice falling into a cup 
  • Popcorn being poured into a bowl 
  • Slurping the end of a drink through a straw
  • Bingo Balls/Bingo Machine 
  • Money counting machine
  • Flicking Cards
  • Turning the Page of a book
  • Ripping a cardboard box 
  • Tearing sellotape 
  • Ripping Paper from a loo roll 
  • Going to the toilet 
  • Squashing a bottle
  • Pasta being poured into a bowl
  • Luggage bag being placed at Airport Check-in/out
  • Cord of a hoover being reeled in 
  • Scraping ice off a car door
  • Jumping into a ball pit 
  • Something being sucked up by a hoover 
  • A deck of cards being shuffled 
  • Plane toilet flushing 
  • Scraping ice off a window 
  • someone running a finger over the corner of a deck of cards
  • crumpling paper
  • someone running a finger over a keyboard
  • Snooker Balls
  • Airport Security Roller 
  • Ripping Tape off a cardboard box
  • Pebbles dropping in Water
  • Velcro Ripping
  • Biting an Apple
  • ATM Machine
  • A child's toy car dragged on the ground