Woman Tricks A Bunch Of Men To Meet At The Same Place For Tinder Date

Woman Tricks A Bunch Of Men To Meet At The Same Place For Tinder Date

21 Aug 2018

The world of online dating is increasingly getting more popular, with more people using it the more dates that can happen right?

Well, one woman is being very efficient with her time as she managed to gather dozens of men she arranged a date with to meet at the same place and time. 

According to Gothamist, Tinder user Spencer M. matched with a woman named Natasha around a month ago. Thinking he was going to be going on a standard one to one date he ended up at Union Square in New York with many more men thinking the same.  

"She contacted me, she said, 'Hey we should get a drink sometime. But, oh, I got held up by this presentation so let's do it later.' So a month goes by and she says 'Hey, I'm finally free, do you wanna meet me at Union Square for my friend's DJ set, we'll get a drink and we'll see what happens'" Spencer said, noting that Natasha used the winky face emoji at the end.

Spencer said he arrived at the north east end of Union Square on Sunday afternoon around 6 p.m., to find "a huge sausage fest."

"There were hundreds of guys waiting for this DJ, but little did I know they were waiting for her as well."


Here is a video of some of the men that arrived to go on a date with 'Natasha' having a race to her.


Another post that shows her do a live Tinder were she explains what she likes/dislikes, unfortunately her mic quality isn't the best. 


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Will this 2018 version of match-making be a new type to the which starts next week.