The New Features Coming To iOS 11

The New Features Coming To iOS 11
Sharron Lynskey
Sharron Lynskey

6 Jun 2017

Apple unveiled it's new operating system, iOS 11, over the weekend.

The tech giant also unveiled a new 10.5-inch iPad Pro, a new 27-inch iMac Pro and a new home speaker that can control the gadgets in your house, according to The Telegraph.

Here are a few of the snazzy new features coming to iOS:

1. A 'Do Not Disturb While Driving' Mode

This feature knows when users are driving and triggers a new "Do Not Disturb While Driving" mode. It'll turn the user's iPhone screen black and can send automatic replies telling contacts they are on the road. 

2. New Apple Pay System

Have a mate that owes you money? It'll now be even easier to remind them to pay up. The new Apple Pay will allow users to pay one another within iMessage. The payments can be made and verified via TouchID. 

3. Better Camera and Photos

Your selfies are about to get even more stunnin'. The camera will be improved and there will be better compression for captured videos and pictures. That means your snaps will have the same image quality but will take over half the size on your device. So no more deleting precious snaps because you've no storage. Happy days.

4. Siri Makeover

New system, new Siri. Apple's virtual assistant will now have more natural male and female voices and will be able to translate speech, starting out with English, French, German Chinese, Spanish and Italian.

5. New Messenger

The iMessage app will now be able synchronise messages across all your devices, so if you erase one message in, it'll delete it across all devices. It will also feature a new toolbar for emoji and stickers within iMessage.

The new iOS update is expected to be available for users to install from September.