Kitchen Staff Given $2000 Tip By Happy Customer

Kitchen Staff Given $2000 Tip By Happy Customer
Niall Colbert
Niall Colbert

17 Apr 2018

Have you ever enjoyed a meal so much, you felt obliged to leave a really generous tip?

By generous, I mean more than just the change in your pocket!

Well one customer in America enjoyed his meal so much that he tipped $2,000!

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Yes, you really did just read $2 thousand!

Mike was dining at the Boka restaurant in Chicago on Sunday and racked up a bill of $769.

That in itself is fairly extravagant.

He initially left a $300 tip for the service - so a tip worth almost 40% of his bill.

The Seattle visitor then went to the back and handed out a crisp $100 note to each of the 17 staff members in the kitchen.

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