Ireland Won't Be Taxing To-Go Coffee Cups

Ireland Won't Be Taxing To-Go Coffee Cups
Niall Colbert
Niall Colbert

26 Apr 2018

So it looks like Ireland won't be introducing a 'latte levy' after all.

Last year, the Environment Minister called for a tax to be brought in on to-go coffee cups.

Denis Naughten said it was to reduce the volume of plastic waste they create.

In a complete 180, Minister Naughten told the Dail yesterday that it wouldn't be going ahead.

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He said this was because retailers were already moving to replace single-use cups with compostable ones themselves.

Not everyone is happy with this decision though.

Mindy O'Brien from The Voice of Irish Concern for the Environment says it won't work

"Unfortunately I don't think it's a solution because we just don't have a set standard yet. Some coffee shops are doing recyclable cups, some of them are compostable - but some are not. So when the average punter gets his coffee cup, doesnt know which is which."

Green Party leader Eamon Ryan has also hit out at the u-turn on the tax "We introduced the levy on plastic bags - it wasn't impossible. Why could we do that and not do the same on plastic non-recyclable cups? I think it's a lack of political ambition."