Group Demands Junk Food Companies Stop Marketing To Under 16's

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Niall Colbert
Niall Colbert

18 Apr 2018

The Irish Heart Foundation is demanding a total ban on the marketing of junk food to those under the age of 16.

The organisation have accused junk food companies of bombarding children with clever  marketing strategies created by some of the worlds best marketing brains.

Chris Macey from the IHF, told an Oireachtas committee that childhood obesity is the single biggest threat to the health of the country.

He also hit out at the state, saying they are failing to protect children's health.

Chris Macey says "We know junk food marketing is fueling obesity, that obesity is damaging children and that the state is failing to protect children's health. The only remedy as far as we're concerned is an outright ban on unhealthy food marketing to under 16's".

You can read more about the Irish Heart Foundation's findings here: