Dublin GAA Fans Are The "Least Liked" In The Country

Dublin GAA Fans Are The "Least Liked" In The Country

20 May 2018

A new survey has set in stone what most Dublin GAA supporters knew already.

They are the least liked group of fans in Ireland, while they themselves "hate" Kerry and Mayo the most.

Under the management of Jim Gavin, the Boys in Blue have cruised through recent championship campaigns, most recently beating Mayo last September to claim their third All Ireland title in a row.

Dublin's stranglehold on Sam Maguire has brought joy to Hill 16, but a survey by Lottoland shows the rest of the country is now officially sick of them.

Almost 4 in 10 (39%) people claim that Dublin has the least likeable supporters, which is a long way ahead of all other counties. Cork fans are next but a long way behind at 7% and the Kerry supporters come third with 6%.

Mayo and Kilkenny are both come in at 5%, followed by Mickey Harte’s Tyrone and Antrim at 4%.

Lottoland’s Ireland Country Manager Graham Ross said:

"There’s no prouder nation when our sports teams, artists or business people are enjoying success on the global stage but strip it back and we just love a bit of good old fashioned local begrudgery.

"And the super Dubs certainly seem to be taking the brunt of it at the moment, not that they’ll care if there’s another victory lap of honour in Croker in September."

Somehow, we don't think the Dublin fans will be too upset...