Budget 2019: All You Need To Know

Budget 2019: All You Need To Know

9 Oct 2018

The Budget for 2019 has just been delivered by Finance Minister Paschal Donohoe.

The government is cutting tax and increasing spending next year as they announced a €15 billion package in the Dáil this afternoon.

It includes a range of modest tax cuts and increased spending in areas like health, housing and education.

There will be a €100 million scheme for affordable housing.

The health budget will increase by €1.2 billion giving 100,000 more people free GP cards.

There will be an extra €84 million for mental health services next year.

The Tourism sector will be hardest hit with the VAT rate being increased from 9% to 13.5%.

With restaurants and pubs being in this sector this means even though the price of alcohol didn't go up a night out could become more expensive. 

While cigarettes are going up by 50c for a pack of 20 meaning the average pack will be €12.70.  

All social welfare payments will increase by €5 from next year.


  • Pack of 20 cigarettes increasing by €0.50 
  • All cigarettes sold below €11 will have the same excise as those over €11
  • 9% VAT rate to be retained for newspapers
  • Electronic publications to have rate cut from 23% to 9%
  • Tax on betting to rise from 1% to 2%
  • 1% surcharge for diesel vehicles 
  • Retention of 9% VAT rate for sporting facilities
  • Home carer tax credit to increase by €300 to €1,500
  • Third rate of USC to be cut from 4.75% to 4.5%
  • Entry level for higher rate of income tax increasing by €750 euro to €35,300


  • €2.3 billion put aside for a housing programme
  • €1.25 billion to deliver 10,000 new social homes
  • An extra €121 million for Housing Assistance Payment
  • €60 million increase in funding for emergency accommodation
  • €30 million extra for homelessness services
  • €100 million affordable housing fund - increasing to €310 million over three years
  • €1.2 billion extra for the health sector
  • €25 increase in weekly income threshold for GP visit cards
  • An extra €84 million for mental health services 
  • 950 special needs assistants to be recruited in 2019
  • Increase in funding to disability services of €150 million to €2 billion
  • €5 a week increase in all social welfare payments from next March
  • Christmas bonus to social welfare recipients to be restored to 100%
  • Two extra weeks parental leave to all parents of a child under one
  • Child payments up €2.20 per week for under 12s & €5.20 per week for over 12s
  • An increase of €2 in back to school clothing & footwear allowances
  • 1,300 additional posts in schools in 2019
  • Extra €196 million for capital spending in education 
  • €90 million to change bands for affordable childcare scheme
  • Budget of An Garda Síochána to increase by €60 million
  • 800 new Gardaí to be recruited
  • €126 million for sport with €41 million for clubs & organisations
  • €36 million extra for Department of Culture 
  • Minimum wage to be increased to €9.80 per hour

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