Ariana Grande Concert Bombing First Responders Honoured

Ariana Grande Concert Bombing First Responders Honoured

5 Jan 2018

A ceremony has taken place in the UK to honour members of the emergency services and Northern Rail staff who reacted to the Manchester Arena bombing.

They've been praised for their courage and bravery after an attack at an Ariana Grande concert killed 22 people last May.

Officer Jon Morrey was one of the first to respond that night, and he told Sky News of his experiences.

"Time stopped that night. People were running out of the arena. The automatic alarm was going off."

"There were that many people coming out I was struggling to get up the stairs. I was like a salmon swimming against the tide."

Grande tweeted after the explosion:

Jon Morrey was on the scene seconds after the chaos began. 

"I arrived in less than a minute. It was about 40 seconds after the explosion went off that I was helping the first lady."

"I helped nine people with lots of different injuries. There were lower leg wounds. One man had a knee injury. His wife had an injury to her Achilles heel. There was a little girl about eight years old who needed treatment."

Morrey feels that today's ceremony is closure and that it's nice to be appreciated for what the British Transport Police did that night.