Jennifer Lawrence Interviews Kim Kardashian - And It's Gold

Jennifer Lawrence Interviews Kim Kardashian - And It's Gold
Laura Bracken
Laura Bracken

3 Nov 2017

It's no secret that Jennifer Lawrence is completely obsessed with The Kardashians. 

Jennifer has been pretty vocal about her love for the famous family and talks about them pretty much whenever she gets the chance. 

Most recently when she was speaking to Jimmy Fallon about her recent movie, Mother! she told him that she used the show KUWTK to cheer her up after long days of filming. 

Jimmy Kimmel is off this week and has had a string of A-listers filling in for him in the hot-seat, including Dave Grohl and Channing Tatum. This week it was Jennifer's turn - and she was completely in her element. 

She was joined by Kim Kardashian, and Jennifer had loads to ask of her favourite reality-star. 

Jennifer was very brave and did not hold back. 

The pair talk Kim's hacking abilities, OJ Simpson, the weirdest thing's Kanye does, which sibling she would kill if she was on a desert island, and of course, crazy ex-boyfriends. 

We'd give Jennifer the thumbs up to be a late night host permanently! 

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