Vogue Williams Accidentally Revealed Her Baby's Gender

Vogue Williams Accidentally Revealed Her Baby's Gender
Laura Bracken
Laura Bracken

12 Apr 2018

Oh, Vogue!

Vogue is expecting her first child with Spencer Matthews. The pair announced the news back in March. 


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Vogue Williams appeared on RTE's Cutting Edge with Brendan O'Connor last night and she had a slip of the tongue. The conversation turned to women to exercise and train while pregnant. 

"If I put a training video up, I could have 20 messages saying 'you shouldn't be doing this. You shouldn't be training like that.' It's healthy to train during your pregnancy."

Vogue also confirmed that her little baba is the size of an Heirloom tomato at the moment. 

Brendan asked 'A little tomato. Is it happy in there right now on television?' 

Vogue said that 'he's delighted with himself'. 

Here's the moment she revealed that she's having a baby boy: