Sacha Baron Cohen Is Being Sued For £74 Million

Sacha Baron Cohen Is Being Sued For £74 Million

6 Sep 2018

A US politician is suing Sacha Baron Cohen for 74 million pounds.

He's claiming he was tricked into appearing on the comedian's latest TV show.

Roy Moore appeared on Who Is America? in July thinking he was accepting an award for his support for Israel.

Legal documents claim Cohen portrayed him as a sex offender during the interview.

Here's Moore's lawyer explaining why they're suing:

"During the subsequent interview by Cohen, where he falsely and fraudulently disguised himself as Erran Morad, a retired Mossad intelligence agent, Cohen is alleged to also have falsely and fraudulently mocked and cast Judge Moore as a pedophile."

"When the false, fraudulent and efamatory nature of the interview became apparent, Judge Moore terminated it."

"Later, Judge Moore sent a notice to Cohen, Showtime and CBS demanding that the interview
not be aired, or risk being sued."

"Cohen and his employers aired it anyway, thus giving rise to the complaint."