New KUWTK Trailer Teases Another Major Announcement

New KUWTK Trailer Teases Another Major Announcement
Laura Bracken
Laura Bracken

10 Jan 2018

*spits tea*

Could this be the announcement the internet has been waiting for? 

surprise watch GIF

The latest teaser for Keeping Up With The Kardashians looks set to make another huge announcement, and the internet is all here for it. 

It's been less than four months since the rumours started spreading about Kylie and her alleged pregnancy, but for the fans, it feels like years because the family or Kylie have not commented on it. 

However, all of the speculation and secrecy could come to an end in the new episodes of KUWTK. A two-night event is coming to E! this weekend, and the new trailer implies that there's more announcements to come. 

There's a few reasons... 

  • KUWTK never usually airs on Sunday AND Monday unless there was something MAJOR to show. 
  • The narrator says that the episodes are 'full of Kardashian surprises.' He added that the new episodes will bring 'announcements' and 'news so big.'

Now, we could very well be getting trolled here. It appears to show Khloe's pregnancy announcement party then flashes to Kylie on FaceTime. 

What remains unclear is whether or not this was the same day and perhaps they were FaceTiming Kylie to tell her the massive news, or maybe it was a different day and Kyllie was making a huge reveal of her own. 

Guess we'll have to hang in there until Monday...