Netflix Reveals Top 5 Binge Watched Series In Ireland

Netflix Reveals Top 5 Binge Watched Series In Ireland

7 Feb 2018

We're all guilty of binge watching Netflix series.

The day (and/or night) long marathons are interrupted only by the platform rudely asking if we're still there and runs to the kitchen to replenish our bunker of snacks.

 Netflix have outed us and spilled the top 5 shows Irish viewers binge watch.

1. Breaking Bad

In fairness, the lads are up to way more exciting stuff than we would be even if we could manage to peel ourselves away from the screen.

2. Orange is the New Black

What will we do with our freedom? Make our bedrooms a prison and watch endless hours of people who'd kill (literally) for the priveleges we enjoy not being incarcerated. We may as well have done time after binge watching every episode of this, the irony.

3. House of Cards

It's a sorry state of affairs when a fictional White House is more serious than the real deal... Necessary escapism provided by this one.

4. Narcos

Living vicariously through the ridiculous wealth Pablo Escobar ammassed is one way to wind down the clock patiently waiting for pay day.

5. Stranger Things

Expending time we could use for self improvement watching kids who are already more talented than we'll ever be and a new irrational fear of lightbulbs to boot, what's not to love about a Stranger Things binge?


The clocks don't go forward until the 25th of March so our long dark nights excuse is still good for a while.