Mysterious Tidal Ad Hints At Jay Z Album Release

Mysterious Tidal Ad Hints At Jay Z Album Release
Laura Bracken
Laura Bracken

7 Jun 2017

While the world anticipates the arrival of Beyoncé and Jay Z's twins, it seems we could be getting a brand new album from Jay Z to accompany them. 

A strange Tidal-affiliated ad has been getting fans excited at the fact that this could be part of the promo campaign behind Jay Z's new album. 

The billboards have been popping up all over New York, including on the Subway and in Times Square. 

While there's been no official confirmation from Jay Z or his team, fans are convinced that there's too many clues adding up for it not to be true. (No pun intended). 

Any Bey and Jay fan knows that the pair are a huge fan of the number four. They got married on the 4th of April. Beyoncé's fourth studio album was titled '4'. They both have matching 'IV' tattoos which are Roman numerals for the number four, and many believe that their daughters middle name Ivy is a reference to that too. Beyoncé was born on the 4th of September and Jay on the 4th of December. Ok, we'll stop now! 


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E! News are reporting that the news was briefly confirmed in a now deleted tweet, from the @DJBooth Twitter account. It apparently read that Jay Z will be dropping his 13th studio album '4:44'. It had the 4:44 in Roman numerals, as well as the Tidal tag. 

Guess we'll have to wait and see!