Love Islands Georgia Leaves The Cast WhatsApp Group

Love Islands Georgia Leaves The Cast WhatsApp Group
Tara Walsh
Tara Walsh

1 Aug 2018

We've all had those groupchats that we've wanted to leave but couldn't without looking rude. 

However, Georgia Steel didn't seem to have that problem when she left the Love Island groupchat. 

The cast have a WhatsApp group to keep in touch but Georgia doesn't seem to want any part in it. 

The reality star has had her ups and downs with a few people in the villa including Laura Anderson, Jack Fowler, and Ellie Brown over her kiss with new Jack. 

Here's a clip to jog your memory! 

In a recent interview with Digital Spy, Rosie spilled the beans that Georgia had left the groupchat which shocked Samira who hadn't even known.

You can watch that interview .

The news of her leaving the groupchat comes not long after Georgia's mother told The Daily Mirror that she believed the girls in the villa were bullying her daughter. 

She said, ''One of the worst moments for me was when all of the girls went against her and called her a liar. That was bullying. I was so upset, I paced around my living room, up and down past the coffee table, and I was crying... I was so angry so I decided that I had to call ITV to check that my little girl was OK. They assured me that she was which helped.’'