Love Island 2018: Day 7 Recap

Love Island 2018: Day 7 Recap
Andrew Lowth
Andrew Lowth

11 Jun 2018

It may have been a slow-burner, but Love Island has started to get a little bit more interesting.

Last week there was the fall-out after the recoupling, which resulted in Kendall being sent home from the villa, with a lot of the hate going towards Adam for picking Rosie, and Eyal for bottling it and picking Hayley.

Also coupled up for the second week in a row were Jack and Dani, and they were treated to a surprise beach date last night.

Sure, Dani, tell him that you want him to meet your father, who's known as a hard man. No panic.

Meanwhile, a lot of the drama came from (unsurprisingly) Hayley.

After she was slagging off Eyal to Wes and Laura, Wes found himself in a bit of a pickle.

Following a chat with Jack, Wes decided that he was going to let his mate know about what Hayley was saying about him.

It led to Eyal confront Hayley:

So Hayley properly put her foot in it. I would say it was the most stupid thing she's done this series, but she didn't know what Brexit was so there's actually no change.

She didn't seem too pleased with Wes, which led to her breaking down while chatting to him.

It also led to a disagreement between the loved-up ($$$) Wes and Laura, with the latter saying Wes was wrong for telling Eyal.

Meanwhile, a few new housemates joined the villa.

Say hello to Josh (left) and Charlie:

That's not all though, new girl Megan made her entrance towards the end of the show:

And it was revealed on last night's Aftersun show that she has her eye on someone, and it's a fella who hasn't had the best of luck so far:


Love Island continues at 9pm tonight on 3e.