Liam Payne Plays With Puppies

Liam Payne Plays With Puppies

9 Aug 2017

With the world on the brink of nuclear war we need some calming viewing today. Liam Payne playing with puppies has arrived at the perfect time.

Liam sat down to talk to while playing with puppies from a rescue centre. One of the pups appears to be a super fan as he didn't budge from Liam's lap for the entire video. The other pups couldn't care less that they're in Payne's presence.

If you don't have time to watch the video in full here's some of the main things he mentions:

Out of the 1D lads Liam said he'd collobrate best with Zayn as their music is the most similar.

Liam left us guessing about a collaboration with a female artist he has in the works.

He wants to collobrate with Nikki Minaj.

Liam hasn't seen Dunkirk yet but he's delighted for Harry.

Hotline Bling is Liam's go to kareoke tune.

And we are delighted that Liam has overcome his fear of spoons.


To ogle more of Liam Payne and the puppies check out this .


Image credit: Instagram via Taylor Miller, Buzzfeed.