Kylie Jenner Loses Trademark Battle

Kylie Jenner Loses Trademark Battle
Sharron Lynskey
Sharron Lynskey

5 Feb 2017

May the best Kylie win!

Kylie Jenner has lost her legal battle to trademark the name 'Kylie'.

She applied to trademark her name in the US in April 2014 for her clothing and beauty empire.


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The move sparked a legal battle with Kylie Minogue. Her legal representatives sent the US Patent and Trademark Office a long list of reasons why the trademark should not be granted.

Her lawyers described 19 year-old Kylie Jenner as ‘a secondary reality television personality’.

They argued that, in contrast, Kylie Minogue was an ‘internationally-renowned performing artist, humanitarian and breast cancer activist known worldwide simply as “Kylie”.’

Last week, the Patent Office rejected Kylie Jenner’s application.

However, she has lodged an appeal so it looks like we haven't seen the end of battle of the Kylies just yet.