Kanye Reportedly Working On Album On 'Top Of A Mountain'

Kanye Reportedly Working On Album On 'Top Of A Mountain'
Laura Bracken
Laura Bracken

9 May 2017

Kanye West may be keeping a low-profile at the moment, and there could be a very good reason for that. 

According to reports today, Kanye is working on a new album in an isolated location. TMZ are reporting that he's 'holed up in a Wyomig retreat at the top of a mountain to find his inspiration'. 

They're also claiming that he's been there a week and is 'smack in the middle of the creative process'. 

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This would explain why he has been absent from some public events, including the Met Gala which his wife Kim attended alone. 

Kanye is really trying to disconnect and keep out of the public eye as much as possible. During the week, he has deleted his Instagram and Twitter profiles. 

According to TMZ, it has nothing to do with troubles at home, it's 'all about creating music'. 

We'll be waiting! 

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