Jennifer Garner Shares How She Got Lost In A Kayak

Jennifer Garner Shares How She Got Lost In A Kayak
Tara Walsh
Tara Walsh

6 Sep 2018

Jennifer Garner shared a post to Instagram just last month about how she managed to get lost in a kayak in Sweden. 

The actress wrote, ''On a pre-middle-school sneak away with my eldest... Did I get us lost in a kayak? Yes. Did we paddle as hard as we could for 100 hours and end up in a shipping lane? I’m afraid so. Did we have to be rescued? Yup.''

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We've been dying to know exactly how that happened since she shared the post.

Thankfully, Jimmy Fallon asked the question. 

The star explained that her nine year old daughter was doing a school project on the country of Sweden. 

She told Fallon that her daughter, ''got so into it and she loved it so much,'' that Jennifer decided to take her daughter to see the country. 

She explained that they realised they were in trouble an hour into the activity, which was only supposed to take ten minutes.

She said, ''all of a sudden there were huge bridges going over.... It went from very small to very wide.... So then we start feeling a current pulling us to the ocean... I'm with my baby!''

Watch that full interview below:

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