James Gunn Has Been Approached By Other Studios

James Gunn Has Been Approached By Other Studios
Tara Walsh
Tara Walsh

9 Aug 2018

It seems James Gunn hasn't been shunned by the entertainment industry after all.

A source told the Hollywood Reporter that James Gunn has been approached by top producers and several major studios for big film projects since his departure from Marvel film, Guardians Of the Galaxy Volume 3. 

Gunn had been fired from the franchise over offensive tweets he wrote several years ago which have resurfaced.

In spite of that, he has received overwhelming support from the cast members making it unlikely that he wouldn't receive offers from other studios.


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An anonymous executive at a rival studio told the that they would work with gunn in a heartbeat.

Another executive producer advised that they cant bring anything to him until the disney matter is 100 percent resolved.

A source also told that even though Gunn was under contract for the third movie, it's likely that it was a ''Pay or play'' deal which would require Disney to pay Gunn the full fee whether his services were used or not.