Honey G Comes Out As Gay

Honey G Comes Out As Gay
Rachael O Brien
Rachael O Brien

27 Jul 2017

We can't believe it's nearly time for a whole new crop of talent with this year's X Factor just around the corner. 

But cast your mind back to this time last year when we met Honey G. 

The X Factor phenom Honey G has come out as gay this week.

The rapper made the revelation as she did her first ever nude shoot with The Sun. 

She said "I feel now is the right time to let everyone know that I'm gay."

Honey G, who's real name is Anna Georgette Gilford, admitted that the reason she didn't come out during the X Factor process was because she "wasn't ready to come out to the public at that point."

She also went on to say that "being new to the music industry, and being on The X Factor, I think I was just a bit shy and a bit guarded. I was a bit worried about what people would think as well."

Honey was also on Lorraine this morning where she revealed she turned down being on Celebrity First Dates because "didn't want to come out to the public in that way."

Honey recently released her second single 'Hit You With The Honey G'