Harry Styles Donates $1.2M To Charity

Harry Styles Donates $1.2M To Charity
Tara Walsh
Tara Walsh

20 Jul 2018

Harry Styles began his first solo tour in September 2017 and his last show took place on Saturday in California.


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According to E! News, the 24 year old sold just under a million tickets.

With this, combined with contributions from Live Nation and the GLSEN PRIDE campaign, the singer accumulated about $1.2M which was donated to 62 charities around the world. 

The tour also promoted the HeadCount organisation which encouraged hundreds of people to register to vote. 

If that doesn't already leave you extremely impressed then maybe this will.

Styles also promoted the conservation of water by collecting nearly 10,000 water bottles by fans and 3,200 by the band and crew.

He also managed to recycle over 6,500 gallons of water from the tour buses, dressing rooms, offices and more. 

He also helped a fan come out to her parents. Watch the video below.



You can read all about that story . 

Styles really is the gift that keeps on giving!