Ex On The Beach Season 7 - Who's Going In?

Ex On The Beach Season 7 - Who's Going In?
Laura Bracken
Laura Bracken

3 Mar 2017

If this is true, then this will be absolute carnage. 

There's a ton of celebrities that are associated with season 7 of Ex on the Beach, and they all seem to want in on the action. 

Marco Pierre White Jr 

He was one of the most controversial and outrageous housemates of last year's Big Brother and he was only in there a week. 

A source has revealed to The Sun that 'producers think that putting him on a show like Ex On The Beach will bring out an even dirtier side of him and make this series the sexiest ever.'

Chloe Ferry 

Geordie Shore's Chloe appeared on the latest series of Celebrity Big Brother and she ran riot in the house. She would certainly bring some excitement to the show, as she basically does whatever she wants and isn't afraid to speak her mind. 

A source said to The Sun 'she doesn’t hold hold back at all and after a few drinks she will definitely tell people what she thinks of them.'

Jeremy McConnell 

According to MTV, bosses are really keen to get Jeremy and have been for years. An insider told Heat Magazine that they've reportedly signed him up for the show and that it's pretty much certain he will appear. Bosses were keen to have him for one reason - SAM REECE. (See below) 

Sam Reece 

He's Stephanie Davis' ex boyfriend, which is why they want him and Jeremy on the show at the same time. A source said to The Sun, 'Sam went to MTV’s headquarters in London earlier this month to discuss appearing on the show. Bosses know he would be an amazing signing for the sake of what he could say about Stephanie.' THE SCANDAL. 

Stephanie Davis 

Well, there would be no point having Jeremy and Sam without Stephanie. Although for now, Stephanie has quashed the rumours that she will be appearing on the show. She took to Twitter to set the rumours straight. 

But never say never. 


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