Emma Watson Donates £1 Million To New Anti-Sexual Harassment Campaign

Emma Watson Donates £1 Million To New Anti-Sexual Harassment Campaign

18 Feb 2018

Emma Watson has donated £1 million to kickstart a new fund to help women facing harassment and abuse at work.

The fund has been backed by hundreds of female entertainment stars.

Stars including actresses Kate Winslet, Emma Thompson, Kristin Scott Thomas and Saoirse Ronan have all singed the dotted line.

The letter states: "This movement is bigger than just a change in our industry alone. In the very near past, we lived in a world where sexual harassment was an uncomfortable joke; an unavoidable awkward part of being a girl or a woman.”

“If you have said ‘time’s up’, if the stories you have read in the papers have resonated and distressed you – join us in shifting the dial. Let’s make 2018 the year that time was up on sexual harassment and abuse. This is your moment too.”

Knightley and British actor Tom Hiddleston have both given £10,000 to the fund.

In addition to Watson's fund, stars will be wearing black on the red carpet once again at tonight's BAFTAs.

Actors are supporting the Time's Up campaign once again.

Four time nominee Saoirse Ronan has confirmed she'll be wearing black saying she thinks the move gives the event a 'sense of purpose.'