Eminem Working On New Album With Dr Dre

Eminem Working On New Album With Dr Dre
Laura Bracken
Laura Bracken

12 Jul 2017

New music from Eminem is coming! 

According to reports this morning, he's working with Dr Dre. The man who is working alongside Dre on his latest documentary revealed the news. He said in a recent interview that the pair were making new music together. 

Eminem hasn't released an album since 2013, however, he has released one off tracks. 

The album news has yet to be confirmed by Eminem or Dr Dre at this moment. It does seem likely that it's in the making. Eminem tweeted back in October saying he's working on a new album, and gave fans a 7 minute rap Campaign Speech, to tide them over for the time being. 

Director Allen Hughes told Uproxx, 'people don't know this but Dre records every day. Literally, he's in there recording songs every day, he's like Picasso in that way. He's always painting. Right now he's producing, in the 11th hour, a track for Eminem's latest album. So Dre's still real active in music, you know?'


Eminem is playing Reading and Leeds Festival later this summer towards the end of August. Wonder if he'll premiere any new music there? 

And now we wait..

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