Charlotte Opens Up About Exes Gaz & Bear

Charlotte Opens Up About Exes Gaz & Bear
Laura Bracken
Laura Bracken

23 Mar 2018

Charlotte Crosby has opened up about heartbreak, love lessons and her former flames. 

Charlotte has admitted that she's 'always open to falling in love' as it's 'just what she's good at.'

In a new promo clip for her new MTV series The Charlotte Show, Charlotte speaks candidly about her former relationships, current relationship and whether or not she wants children in the future. 

Speaking about her relationship with recent ex Stephen Bear, she said that it was one of her best, despite the rocky end that it came to. 

'With Stephen I thought I had everything I ever wanted. We were both in the public eye and everything was right.' 

Charlotte admitted that she was devastated when Bear ended things and kissed someone in a nightclub just two days later. 

'Is it a proper relationship when Stephen finished us and kissed that girl in the nightclub two days afterwards. The pain of that, that was actually like being stabbed a thousand times in the chest.'

Charlotte also spoke about when she experienced an ectopic pregnancy with Gaz. 

'Going through the ectopic pregnancy with Gary was pretty hurtful. It was a really awful thing to go through.'

She also shared advice about falling in love and moving on. 

'You love just as hard as you did before, and do it again, because not everyone is arseholes and sometimes its worth taking the risk.'

The Charlotte Show starts on MTV on March 28th.