A Lad In Co Clare Is Sending Bread To His Neighbours By Drone

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Laura Bracken
Laura Bracken

1 Mar 2018

Desperate times call for desperate measures.. 

We all know that loaves of bread have been few and far between in Ireland over the past few days as the nation prepared itself for the worst storm since the 80s. 

Sure, our very own Graham and Nathan went out and tried to sell bread on the streets of Dublin just to make sure that everyone had a slice to keep them ticking over during the cold snap.  

There's one hero in Co. Clare who goes by the name of Patrick Mungovan. He has offered to deliver bread to his neighbours or anyone living within a three mile radius of his home, who can't get out to the shops themselves. He's delivered 8 slices already, however, now that the snow is worsening, the drone is having a little break. Safety first! LEGEND!  

May we never be without a slice again thanks to Patrick Mungovan!