Top 10 Holiday Destinations 2018

Top 10 Holiday Destinations 2018
 Nelius Stackpoole
Nelius Stackpoole

26 Jun 2018

The sun may be slitting the stones in Ireland this week but, it's not going to last forever so for those of you with who are struggling to decide where to holiday this summer we have out Top 10 holiday destinations for 2018!

1) Tallinn, Estonia

Estonia’s capital is compact, fashionable and terrific value.

2) Lanzarote, Canary Islands, Spain

Visit the moon-like scenery of Parque Nacional de Timanfaya, unspoilt beaches of Órzola and black-sand wineries of La Geria reward those who come here for more than a traditional seaside break!


#Latituddevida veraniega en #Lanzarote con esta foto de @tavicancio #IslasCanarias

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3) Arizona, USA

For affordable and accessible adventures in Arizona, aim for simple roadside motels, then camp and hike and see the beauty Arizona has to offer!

4) La Paz, Bolivia

Spectacularly situated at 3660m, La Paz is one of South America’s best value places to linger, whether you’re keen on acclimatising!

5) Poland

Poland somehow manages to remain affordable and relatively under-visited. Sure, Kraków grabs the crowds, but you can explore here for less than in Prague or Berlin. 

6) Essaouira, Morocco

Love Morocco? Been to Marrakesh? Us too. If you’re seeking another, still affordable side of this safe slice of north Africa then Essaouira might just be the place for you. 


It is the coastal wind ? the beautifully named alizee, or taros in Berber for most of the year, the wind blows so hard here that relaxing on the beach is impossible, meaning that the town is passed by the hordes of beach tourists who descend on other Atlantic Coast destinations in summer. Known as the ‘Wind City of Africa’ it attracts plenty of windsurfers between April and November, but the majority of visitors come here in spring and autumn to wander through the spice-scented lanes and palm-lined avenues of the fortified medina, browse the many art galleries and boutiques, relax in some of the country's best hotels and watch fishing nets being mended and traditional boats being constructed in the hugely atmospheric port. #Moroccanworld#Morocco#Essaouira#windcity#Surfing#vacation#travelguide#travelphotography#spiritoftradition#bestmemories#mytrip_inmorocco#lovemorocco#moroccanthings#wonderful_places#travelblogger#instagood#travelphoto#travel_morocco#welometomorocco#simplymorocco#марокко#путешествие#visitMarrakech#moroccanwhisky#minttea#moroccantea

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7) UK

The UK really has something for everyone and taking into account its right across the pond flight are always going to be reasonable!

8) Baja California, Mexico

It’s the world’s second-longest peninsula; but for many, visiting Baja, California still means a quick hop over the border into Tijuana or Tecate – meaning there’s 1200km of less-explored territory. 

9) Jacksonville, USA

That Sky tho  - Need we say more!!!

10) Hunan, China

One World -  Stunning!