25 Jan 2018

SPIN South West Policy on Work Experience

We are currently FULLY booked for secondary school work experience.

SPIN South West is willing to provide opportunities for unpaid work experience to third level students, however, we are currently fully booked at this time.


The following are the procedures under which this work experience can take place:

•    Places will be given on a priority basis to third level students undertaking studies in media/journalism/production /marketing and PR.

•    Only one participant at a time will be accepted on a work experience programme, except in exceptional circumstances.

•    Students must be fully insured by their respective college.

•    The Management and staff will endeavour to ensure that the time spent in SPIN South West is a beneficial and positive learning experience.

•    Students are expected to co-operate with the general rules, procedures and organisational policies of SPIN South West.

•    Students will be provided with copies of policies which are deemed necessary and appropriate for their work within the station.

•    They should also be willing to follow the instruction/guidance of whichever member of staff who has been designated to supervise their duties.

•    All matters pertaining to the staff and SPIN South West operations must be treated with the utmost confidentiality.